Water Conservation Fund Annual List of Contaminants for Calendar Year 2022

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Dear Water System Official:

Pursuant to the Environmental Improvement Act Section 74-1-13(G), annually NMED compiles a list of contaminants required to be tested by public water systems over the next twelve months for which the sampling costs will be covered by the Water Conservation Fund. When developing this list of contaminants, NMED shall also consider the availability of funds in the Water Conservation Fund, the needs of public water supplies being tested for additional contaminants and public health and safety.

Over the past year, NMED has continued to work towards long term solvency of this important fund. Although the WCF expenses continue to outpace its revenues, NMED secured a $600,000 Legislative appropriation to help with WCF program expenses. With this appropriation, NMED is pleased to announce that the WCF will pay for the laboratory costs of all Safe Drinking Water Act regulated contaminants during Calendar Year 2022.

NMED will continue to work toward long term solvency of the WCF and also continue to provide annual notification to public water systems about the services that can be covered by the Fund’s revenues from year to year.

This announcement serves as NMED’s notification to your public water system of the contaminant analysis that will be paid for by the Water Conservation Fund (WCF) during calendar year 2021. (January 1-December 31, 2022)  

A full copy of the WCF notification letter and contaminant list can be found here:  https://service.web.env.nm.gov/urls/MVSEdOnS

If you have any questions or concerns about this notification, please contact Bethany Anderson, Water Conservation Fund Manager, by email at Bethany.Anderson@nullstate.nm.us. 

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