About Us

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality training and technical assistance to rural water and wastewater utilities throughout New Mexico, and to represent the legislative and regulatory interests of our members.

Our Vision is to be recognized as the principal advocate and authoritative source of information and technical reference in respect to rural water needs and management.


Ft. Seldon Water TankNew Mexico Rural Water Association (NMRWA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to helping communities provide safe drinking water and wastewater services through on-site technical assistance, specialized training, and legislative support. NMRWA members are water and wastewater systems, businesses, and individuals dedicated to protecting public health every day. We are a state affiliate of the National Rural Water Association, America’s largest utility membership organization representing over 31,000 public water and wastewater systems nationwide.

What We Do

NMRWA partners with community utilities across the state to create sustainable systems and build local expertise. We provide the leadership, technical assistance, and training that local utility professionals count on to provide consistent services and “Quality on Tap” to rural New Mexico families.


Our Services

On-Site Technical Assistance

Certified water and wastewater operators travel to your facility to provide free technical assistance and hands-on training. Our professional staff has over 130 years combined experience in operations and are certified at the highest levels. We assist in troubleshooting problems and provide practical solutions for operations, maintenance, and regulatory issues faced by your system. On-site technical assistance improves the skill level of system operators by teaching them how to solve the problem and prevent it from reoccurring, as opposed to fixing the problem for them.

System Operator Training

NMRWA is the premier training provider for water and wastewater system operators and managers, providing quality instruction since 1978. Our Training Specialists provide classroom and on-site training to operators and managers of drinking water and wastewater systems of all sizes and complexities throughout New Mexico. Trainings are tailored to specific levels of operator, sampler and laboratory certification. Classes provide certification exam preparation, certification renewal and continuing education credits. Visit our website to check our training schedule and register online.

Board and Office Staff Training

Build the financial and managerial capacity of your system by taking advantage of our board training and office staff support program. Get the latest information you need about regulations, budgeting, elections, by-laws, conducting meetings, rate setting, loans and grants, financial software, regionalization, reporting requirements and more. Accredited board training is offered upon request on-site at your system.

Source Water Protection

Prevent pollution of lakes, rivers, streams, and ground water that serve as the sources of your drinking water by completing a Source Water Protection Plan. This voluntary program identifies potential sources of contamination within your watershed, educates stakeholders and implements best management practices to protect invaluable water resources. Source water protection planning can include contingency and emergency response plans, watershed protection plans, drought mitigation plans, and community outreach activities.

Utility System Mapping

Develop precise, customized maps of your infrastructure to replace aging, inaccurate or missing “as-built” plans. Data collected in the field with our advanced GPS receiver shows the exact location of features such as meters, valves, hydrants, lines, tanks and wells. NMRWA can create a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) for your system, combining mapping software with database management tools to store, organize, display and interpret all the important attributes of your system. Fees are highly competitive and you own all the data we create. Call us today to design a project that meets your needs and budget.


Joining NMRWA gives you a powerful voice in Santa Fe and Washington, DC. Our Board of Directors, Executive Director, and four NRWA lobbyists are continuously monitoring legislation, regulation and industry developments on your behalf. NMRWA is the organization that lawmakers rely on to communicate the needs and issues important to rural systems. Members become part of our grassroots network – the most effective environmental program in the state.