NM Warn

NM WarnNM WARN stands for New Mexico Water / Wastewater Agency Response Network, and it is a private, voluntary agreement between systems to help each other out in emergency situations. The NM WARN agreement is modeled after several other state agreements, and based on actual experience and lessons learned in widespread disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and others. The main concept of the NM WARN is “utilities helping utilities.”

This agreement sets out rules which will govern the request and provision of assistance process by drinking water and wastewater WARN members during any kind of emergency. Membership is open to all drinking water and wastewater utilities in New Mexico, public or private, and there is no cost to execute the agreement and join the NMWARN. Membership will allow any utility to request assistance or provide assistance during any kind of emergency (man-made or natural). It is important to remember that provision of assistance is strictly voluntary; no member of the WARN is required to provide assistance under any circumstances. Utilities may decide to discontinue membership in the NM WARN at any time.

Join the NM WARN

Adobe Document Download and review the NM WARN agreement

If your governing body approves the agreement, have the board president, mayor, or other appropriately authorized person sign. It is recommended that an attorney review the agreement on behalf of the utility and sign the agreement for your protection, but it is not required. Please note that the agreement has been finalized and will not be changed without a vote of the NM WARN committee. If your utility elects not to have the agreement reviewed by an attorney, please provide a second signature by an authorized person, such as the board secretary/treasurer. Make a copy for your records and return the original signed agreement to:

NM WARN Committee
8336 Washington Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113


The key to fast response in emergency situations is preparedness, and generally the most difficult things to work out are the legal details: liability, responsibility, reimbursement, etc. These seemingly minor details become large obstacles to effective response when disaster strikes. The NMWARN was developed to take care of these details beforehand and facilitate federal emergency funding in case of disaster. A signed agreement in place between systems allows for quick response, even before a disaster has been officially declared. Federal law prohibits responding utilities from receiving federal reimbursement money if there is no signed agreement in place prior to the declaration of a disaster.

A steering committee oversaw development of the NMWARN agreement, which was completed by an executive committee comprised of representatives of NMRWA, NMED Drinking Water Bureau, NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and several water and wastewater systems. The NMWARN agreement was approved unanimously by the executive committee on December 12, 2008. Once enough members execute the agreement a meeting will be set up to elect members of the official NM WARN Committee. This committee will then be tasked with creating rules by which the committee operates and an operational plan for the NM WARN which will guide its operations. Statewide WARNs are being developed nationwide and are proving to be a valuable resource during emergencies as utilities help other utilities respond to emergencies.

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Regular System Members

Albuquerque Bernalillo County WUA

Anthony W&SD

City of Bayard

Chama West Water Users Assn

Village of Columbus

Desert Palms MHP

Dona Ana MDWCA

Entranosa Water & Wastewater Assn

Flora Vista MDWA

City of Gallup Joint Utilities

Green Acres MHV


Las Campanas Water and Sewer Cooperative

City of Las Vegas

Lee Hammond WUA

City of Los Lunas

Lower Valley WUA

Village of Magdalena


Oshara MDWA

Pena Blanca W&SD

Village of Pecos

Pueblo of San Felipe

Sandia Peak Utility Company

Upper La Plata WUA

Vaughan-Duran WS

Ventura Estates Homeowners Association

Associate Members

New Mexico Rural Water Association
New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau
New Mexico Department Of Homeland Security and Emergency Management