Waster Rights Specialist-ArcGIS-Pro Operator-IT

Company: WaterBank
Website/URL: http://waterbank.com
Date Posted: March 20, 2023
Job Description:

Must be knowledgeable in State Engineer policies and procedures for management of water resources of New Mexico and be able to validate water rights using maps and figures derived from numerous sources of information as well as its own data files of maps and aerial photography.  A degree in the Earth Sciences will be helpful. Position is office based in downtown Albuquerque. WaterBank is a widely recognized, 25 year-old company with clients throughout the United States.   Competitive compensation, parking,  benefits and insurance coverage provided. Must know Word, Excel, CRM, ArcGIS-Pro, Outlook. A knowledge of higher mathematics and quantitative aqueous geochemistry will be called upon from time to time. Must know how to type.  Email resumes to:   wturner@waterbank.com  Our website is undergoing reconstruction.