Water/Wastewater Operator

Company: Glorieta Adventure Camps
Date Posted: July 20, 2021
Job Description:

Water/Wastewater Operator

Glorieta Camps, Glorieta New Mexico

We are seeking a skilled Water/Wastewater Operator to maintain all the operations at Glorieta Camps’ water and wastewater facilities. This position will include daily operations, maintenance, repair, construction projects, troubleshooting, cross-training, and overseeing operations as needed. We are passionate about our mission statement and are looking for a like-minded person who is willing to serve alongside us. Please thoughtfully consider each part of our mission statement, job description, and description of our ministry and community before applying.  


To inspire Christ-like change through

Outdoor Adventure

Authentic Relationships and

Biblical Truth


The makeup of our community determines a large part of what it is like to live and work here.  We have about 120 people who live on-site year round, consisting of full-time staff, seasonal staff, and families. Glorieta is a beautiful place with many natural resources but calls for a somewhat remote living.  



Title: Water/Wastewater Operator

Department: Operations

Reports To: Water/Wastewater Manager


Job Purpose: This is a full-time, salaried position with the goal to ensure reliable systems are available for the many aspects of Glorieta Camps and provide for future growth of camp operations. To help fulfill our mission by providing outstanding services in our water/wastewater facilities.


Overall Responsibilities: Work involves being responsible for all technical aspects of water & wastewater plant operations and that they follow Glorieta Camps, Local, State, and Federal operating regulations

Process Control

  • Regulate the treatment process by process evaluation and documentation

  • Microscopic Examination – Observe the microorganism population and floc particles

  • Evaluate the process control data such as Ph, DO, SS, MLSS, SVI, F/M, MCRT

  • Clarifier Evaluation & Maintenance

  • Nutrient Removal - Nitrogen

Analytical Laboratory

  • Assist with resolving problems in the analytical laboratory by performing lab tests, reviewing worksheets, and making changes, and document improvements to plant results

Reporting & Correspondence

  • Admin and Reports to NMED Ground Water Quality Bureau and US EPA 

  • Building reports for management, engineers, and contractors as needed


  • Assist in the performance of regular and unscheduled maintenance and repairs 

  • On call to respond to emergencies and breakdowns at the plant

  • Conduct the necessary work needed which includes night, weekend, holiday, and in inclement weather


  • Maintain open communications with the W/WW Manager regarding the treatment process and make recommendations for repairs and improvements to these systems.

  • Complete record keeping and assessments of water and wastewater systems

  • Assist with maintenance, contractors, plant tours and public relations 


Other Duties of ALL Glorieta Staff: Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff must participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends, and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.


Character, Education, Abilities, Skills, Experience:

Work Requirements

  • Have knowledge of the operation, methods, and procedures of a wastewater treatment plant

  • Have the ability to work with independence and to make decisions on plant operation

  • Be able to perform and document various lab tests required by State and Federal agencies

  • Have the ability to perform both water and wastewater duties daily

  • Be able to maintain a flexible work schedule to serve guest/program scheduling

Training and Experience Required 

  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in wastewater operations and/or maintenance

  • A New Mexico Level 3 Wastewater and/or Water Distribution 2 Operator License or the ability to obtain equivalent certification through testing or reciprocity within a year. 

  • An Associate’s Degree or higher or adequate experience in the water/wastewater field is preferred 


Work Context: This job will be performed primarily on location at the Glorieta, New Mexico location with some work on weekends.

Travel: Possible infrequent travel to training.

Physical Demands: Ability to lift 60lbs, sit for many hours in an office, stand for many hours consecutively, bend, squat, be on hands and knees, climb stairs. Ability to work late nights and early in the morning.

Work Environment: Will work both  indoors and outdoors in summer, winter, and rainy weather conditions

Training: All employees will be given opportunity for improvement through appropriate training.

Compensation: Annual salary, on-site housing, occasional meals provided, medical insurance, 401(k) retirement package after one year, and paid vacation time. See HR and/or potential supervisor for details.

Disclaimer: This Job Description is not a complete description of all that is necessary to do your job. Also, all camp employees are expected to do what it takes to work as a team, even with other departments, to serve guests. This is not only an expectation, but a value that we hold to as an organization. We will help each other get the mission done.