Technician II-Water Production and Wastewater Collection Department

Company: City of Socorro New Mexico
Date Posted: January 3, 2020
Job Description:


RANGE:                                23-31

Job Summary

Under the direct supervision of the Production Foreman, is
responsible for the operation and maintenance of water production and treatment
facilities and the water collection system, and for maintaining water quality
in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Job Duties

Monitors the operation of water producing wells, water and
wastewater pumping stations, water treatment equipment and water reservoirs.

Maintains facilities records and collects water samples and
monitors chlorine residuals at random locations throughout the City’s water
distribution system.

Performs preventative maintenance on all water wells,
storage tanks, water pumps, chlorination equipment, pressure regulating valves,
lift station pumps and sewage manholes, mains and service.

Performs minor repairs on all elements of the water
producing facilities, water and sewer pumping stations, pressure regulating stations,
telemetry equipment and control circuitry.

Investigates and acts upon water quality and sewer
collection complaints.

Conducts inspections of sewer manholes, mains and services to
facilitate preventative maintenance and vector control.

Performs preventative maintenance and minor repairs on
vehicles and equipment.

Operates sanitary sewer cleaning and inspection equipment.

Performs other duties related to the operation and
maintenance of water production and treatment and wastewater collection facilities.


Graduation from a standard senior or vocational high school
and at least three (3) years of increasingly progressive experience in the
operation and maintenance of water and wastewater pumping facilities and
wastewater collection.  One (1) year of
which must have been at the level of a Water Production and Wastewater
Collection Operator I.

Considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards involved
in working around mechanical and electrical equipment, chemicals, etc., and the
ability to do hard manual work under unfavorable weather conditions, in
confined spaces and unpleasant work surroundings.