Intern - Quality Assurance Compliance

Company: Water Authority
Date Posted: July 21, 2021
Job Description:

he Quality Assurance program is looking for students interested in statistics, chemistry or engineering to perform job duties that include cataloguing, filing, updating, and archiving records and documents.  Will assist the lab in verifying crucial support equipment such as thermometers, weights, pipettes and dispensers.  Notifying lab personnel of upcoming demonstration of capability expiration dates.  Updating quality assurance tracking metrics such as corrective actions and proficiency test performance charts.

     Minimum Education and Experience

     High School Diploma or G.E.D.

     Pay for full time students is indicated below:

Undergraduate Student working towards Associates Degree $11.00

Undergraduate Student working towards Bachelors Degree $12.00

Graduate Student $16.00

Pay for non students or those not enrolled in school full-time is based on highest education as indicated below:

High School Graduate $10.50

College Graduate (Associates) $12.00

College Graduate (Bachelors) $14.00

Position Requirements   

     * Possess a Valid New Mexico Driver's License or a Valid Driver's License from another State converted to New Mexico within 1 month

         * Driving Record consistent with being issued an Authority Operator Permit by Risk Management