Deputy Director

Company: Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority (ENMWUA)
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Date Posted: May 7, 2024
Job Description:

Job Title

Deputy Director

 The person in this position will be assigned the responsibility as
the Deputy Director for the planning, design, construction, commissioning, and
operation of the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System Project (ENMRWS)
Project. The ENMRWS Project is a $1B capital water infrastructure project
spanning from Ute Reservoir to several Eastern New Mexico communities.
  Planning, design, and construction of the
ENMRWS has begun and commissioning and start-up of the entire system is
scheduled for 2031.
  ENMWUA will own and
operate the system and deliver treated Ute Reservoir water to Clovis, Cannon
AFB, Portales, Texico, and Elida.

The elements of the ENMRWS Project include the following major
work items.

·      130 miles of pipelines including:

o       55 Miles of 42-inch Raw Water Welded Steel

o      23 Miles of 39- and 33-inch Finished Water
Welded Steel Pipelines

o       52 Miles of 20-inch, 16-inch, 8-inch, and
4-inch Finished Water Lateral Pipelines

·       ·     28-mgd Ute Reservoir Intake Pump Station

·       ·    28-mgd Caprock Pump Station

·      ·    28-mgd Water Treatment Plant

·      ·    Two (2) 60-gpm Booster Pump Stations

Job Responsibilities

 The Deputy Director will report to the ENMWUA Administrator and
will have the following primary responsibilities:

 ·       Assist the Administrator to deliver fully integrated ENMWUA Project with an emphasis on meeting ENMWUA’s             mission, schedule, budget, quality, and safety objectives.

·      Assist Administrator with contract administration for project consultants, ENMWUA
legal counsel, engineering, Involvement in Procurement, O&M contracts, track
budget, scope, and schedule for various tasks and activities 

·      Assist Administrator to prepare the monthly and annual budgets/financials for ENMWUA Board meetings and for            approval.

·      Serve as the Administrator’s primary contact during construction.

o      Coordinate and monitor operational interfaces with the design teams, contractors, stakeholders, and property owners.

o       Attend and participate in weekly construction meetings for various construction projects.

o       Coordinate with Engineer on status updates, budget, spend downs, property owner concerns
and issues, and other issues that arise during construction.

o       Review & approve construction pay applications.

o       Review change orders.

o       Conduct analyses of contractor claims and participate in settlement negotiations.

·      Lead easement and property acquisition effort including:

o       Coordination with engineering team during right-of-entry period for design activities.

o       Coordination with engineering team and ENMWUA easement acquisition staff to complete legal
descriptions, title work, and appraisals.

o       Easement negotiation.

o       Coordination with ENMWUA legal counsel.

o       Support of condemnation proceedings.

o       Close out of easement agreements.

o       Coordination with property owners during construction and warrantee periods.

·       Oversee federal, state, and local project funding allocation and tracking, reporting, design and construction
spend downs. Assist Administrator to develop funding and project updates including presentations to USBR, State of New Mexico, ENMWUA Board, and ENMWUA Member Communities. Coordinate with Administrator and Project Engineer on current and upcoming project funds to complete the next phases of the project.

·       Provide support and assist Administrator with cost management issues.

·       In conjunction with Administrator, conduct quarterly and monthly reviews of ENMWUA staffing resources including
the Office Coordinator, Support Services Officer, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and Lead Maintenance. Review goals, performance, task assignments, and ability to meet ENMWUA project demands. Assist with preparing job descriptions, coordinating and participating in interviews, and hiring staff.

·       Develop and updating a training program for ENMWUA employees.

·       Coordinate and direct Operation and Maintenance (O&M) activities of the ENMWUA System including coordination with Maintenance Lead to ensure weekly, monthly, quarterly operational checks and maintenance requirements of the system are being completed and properly reported. Coordinate with Maintenance Lead on replacement of equipment. Assist with utility call locates including coordination with USIC. Maintain and track O&M budgets.

·       Coordinate with Engineer and Assist ENMWUA Chief Procurement Officer during the bidding process of various projects. Review contract documents and assist with bidding requirements, and schedule. Assist in monitoring the solicitation and contracting processes for all procurements. Assist with evaluation of bidders for projects procured through RFP process and working with Engineer to address contractor’s questions. Review Engineers recommendation for bids. Assist Administrator, Chief Procurement Officer, and ENMWUA legal counsel with bid protests.

·       Review, comment, and approve consultant invoices, progress reports, schedule, and spending curves. Coordinate and input data into overall project funding tracking and report.

·       Oversee the project control functions including scope, scheduling, budget, risk, information management, reporting, document management, and project administration.

·       Review and comment on consultant deliverables including technical memorandums, drawings, specifications, and meeting summaries. 

·       Develop and maintain various management plans, quality control plans, policies and procedures, and reporting

·       Assist Administrator and ENMWUA legal counsel with development of agreements between agencies, stakeholders, and ENMWUA Members including delivery of water, costs, loan requirements, member contributions, wheeling, and tie-ins.

·       Support in preparation and attendance of periodic federal and state project audits.  Follow up on needed corrective actions.

·       Prepare and update Health, Safety, Environment, and Security Plan for the ENMWUA Project and Employees.

·       Coordinate construction permitting requirements with Engineer including submittals, payment, and coordination with agencies.

·       Participate in public involvement efforts in conjunction with Administrator and PR Consulting Firm to prepare
presentations, videos, and advertisements about the status of the project.

·       Conduct outreach for participation of local schools, community centers, colleges, and other programs to observe construction activities, participate in Engineering presentations, or other activities associated with the project.

·       Assist Administrator with participating and presenting to ENMWUA Member Communities and stakeholders status of the project, agreements, loan requirements, funding status, and schedule.

·       Develop risk management plan to identify, track, and monitor risk that could impact the success of the project
and long-term operations. Establish proposed mitigation for each risk. Coordinate with Engineer’s risk management plan. Communicate risks and proposed mitigation to Administrator and ENMWUA Board. Update throughout the life of the project during design, construction, and operations.

·       Maintain and disseminate lessons learned across the project teams.

·       Serve as the Administrator in his absence.

Job Qualifications

The desired candidate must be able to demonstrate the following experience and qualifications:

      ·   Strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Must have the ability to brief Administrator and               ENMWUA board. Ability to effectively communicate and brief property owners, stakeholders,                               community members, engineers, consultants, contractors, and legal counsel.

      ·   Good people management skills: team oriented with the ability to work closely with staff and                                 consultants.

      ·   Ability to delegate, motivate and empower individuals and teams. Fosters collaborative environment                   and promotes team-oriented work practices.

             ·     An inspirational leader with a positive approach when delivering challenging projects.

             ·      Sound business acumen with an understanding of budgets, risk management, and project controls.

             ·     Ability to exercise sound technical and financial judgement and decision making in complex situations.

             ·      Good organizational skills.

             ·      Ability to maintain confidentiality.

      ·    Have strong data analysis and technical problem-solving skills.

             ·      Bring a strong organizational approach to delivery.

              ·      Demonstrated experience in a management position within a similar organization.

              ·      Problem solver experienced with clearly identifying problems, evaluating alternative solutions,                             assessing risks, and making sound recommendations to decision makers.

             ·      Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse project team with demanding schedule, budgetary, safety,                quality, and coordination objectives.

              ·      Ability to set priorities that support the ENMWUA project objectives.

       ·      Experience working as a key member of an integrated project team including ENMWUA staff and                         providing direction to project consultants, accountants, engineers, and legal counsel.

              ·      Demonstrated ability to evaluate information, identify problem trends, develop and implement action                 plans to improve overall project performance.

            ·    Demonstrated construction experience on a wide range of water projects including planning                                    construction logistics for multiple, concurrent projects. Familiar with most types of construction                          contracts. Has a focus on quality and safety.

              ·      Ability to effectively manage team members and consultants and build a collaborative environment                     that promotes achievement of common objectives.

·                   ·    Successful experience working with a large and diverse group of stakeholders and reconciling                                 differences is desirable.

·                   ·    Experience developing policies and procedures, budgets, various management plans, risk plans.

·                   ·    Demonstrated ability to evaluate information, identify problem trends, and develop and implement                     action plans to improve overall performance.

·                   ·    Demonstrated understanding of assets, capital programming, project controls, project delivery,                             scheduling, cost control and other key disciplines necessary to deliver a capital improvement project.

·                   ·    Ability to develop long term plans (12-24months) while managing daily operations and managing                         resources to meet short term objectives.

·                   ·    Must be a self-starter, creative, and able to work closely with Administrator, ENMWUA staff,                                 consultants, engineer, contractors, stakeholders, and ENMWUA Member Communities.

·                   ·    Minimum of 10 years of experience in public works, operations, and/or project, design, and                                   construction management functions on large capital projects, or similar years of experience working in
similar roles in the public works, consulting, or operations

·                   ·    Four-year college degree in Public Management, Construction Engineering Management,                                       Construction Management, or Management field preferred.

Salary Range:

    $80,000 – $100,000 Annually

Letters of Interest
and Resumes can be emailed to:

 Orlando Ortega


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