Utility Trainee / Certified Operator

Company: Raton Water Works
Date Posted: September 18, 2020
Job Description:

Raton Water Works is advertising for Utility Trainees, two positions. Experienced certified operators are encouraged to apply. Pay commensurate with certification level. Salary range $13.42 - $21.14 hourly. Download application, open until filled.


                Performs a variety of labor tasks involved with the installation, repair, and maintenance of all components of the water and sewer system.  This includes mains, services, fire hydrants, valves, meters, etc.  Reports to Foreman or authorized personnel.



Using pick and shovel; digs holes, trims, and grades trenches, uncovers mains and services, and similar excavations as required. Sets up barricades, cones, signs, flares, or other traffic and pedestrian control equipment. Drives pick-up and dump truck carrying tools, equipment, supplies, personnel or other required materials to and from job sites. Uses a variety of hand tools including shovels, picks, wrenches, hammers, saws, crimpers, valve keys. Operates a variety of power tools including tampers, pumps, drills, saws, pavement breakers, air-compressors. Assists in the repair, maintenance, and installation of all components of water and sewer system.  Includes installing valves, fire-hydrants, repair fittings, bends, meters, couplings, pits, manholes. Backfills holes, trenches, and other excavations and tamps by hand or with power tamp to required compaction.

Reads meters. Maintains tools, equipment, supplies, vehicles and other materials in clean and safe operating conditions. Performs routine maintenance on tools and equipment, as assigned. Performs general housekeeping and grounds maintenance. Performs other duties as necessary or assigned.



Excellent physical condition.  Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Understand and carry out verbal and written instructions. Work efficiently and productively as team member and/or independently. Have basic knowledge and experience in the use of hand tools and simple power tools. Must possess or be able to possess Class A CDL within 1 year. Must demonstrate progressive knowledge and understanding of job duties, requirements, and the Department. Be able to provide detailed and accurate records of work performed, materials, and equipment upon request of supervisor. Reside within Raton water service area. Must be reasonably available and willing to respond to after hours emergency calls and have telephone at residence.  Reasonable availability to after hours calls is considered 1/3 response to requests.